Pebbles aka Whinny - Myotonic Doe

A new colour to add to the herd. She is super sweet and playful and has a distinct "whinny" call. Ringing the bell for grain is enough to make this little girl faint in the pasture.

Big Momma - Pygmy/Myotonic Doe

Quick to take to the milking stand, this is our milking doe. We now have a small stash of frozen milk for soap making! Mama delivered another set of triplets this year, beautiful colours. Bred to Bilbo who is part fainter we were excited to see one of her babies faint several times. This confirms our suspicious Mama is part fainter!

 Doeling L & Buckling R below  - FOR SALE


No guarantee these goatlings will faint, they will be ready for their new homes around June 11.

Africa - Pygmy/Myotonic Doe

She was named after her "Africa shaped" marking on her forehead. Africa delivered two flashy goatlings! Saw the buckling faint a couple times now!

Rosie - Pygmy Doe

We were happy to add this peachy little doe to our herd. Hoping someday she will produce kids with same colouring. And she did it, two adorable little bucklings.


Brown and White buckling L (sold) ready for his new home April 26.

Aspen Valley's Cody (aka Hollister) - Registered Myotonic/Miniature Silky Buck

Who doesn't love a fainter! We plan to cross with the pygmy does to add parasite resistance and some variation of coat. Gentle buck who immediately wants to sit in your lap. He has been disbudded and descented.

Grayson - Pygmy Buck - SOLD

Tiny little guy who likes a lot of attention! Can't wait to see the babies he made with Raven. 

Gracie - Pygmy Cross Doe - SOLD

Gracie is still a little more on the shyer side but has come a long way since we brought her home. Bred to Hollister, Gracie delivered two very spotty babies, one buckling and one doeling.

 Doeling L & Buckling R below -  FOR SALE

Hollister is a registered fainting goat and completely topples over when excited or frightened and stiffens often, however there is no guarantee these goatlings will faint. They will be ready for their new homes around June 11.

Piper - Pygmy/Myotonic Doe

This pretty little doe is a welcomed addition from the Price Family's litter of quadruplets. Piper is by far the most interactive goat in our herd and is always the first to come and say hi. Piper delivered two little cuties this year...

 Doeling pictured below is FOR SALE

This doeling is very small and extremely friendly and loves to be cuddled. As mentioned above her sire Hollister is a fainter, however there is no guarantee she will faint. We have not seen her faint to date. She is ready to go.

Raven - Pygmy/Mytonic Doe

Super chunky little girl. Raven did an excellent job as first time mom, and delivered two chunky doelings. These girls are off Grayson our purebred Pygmy buckling. We were excited to get an agouti as Grayson has moved along to his new home.

Willow - Pygmy Doe - SOLD

Willow turned into a big sucky when kidding enjoying back massages and cheek rubs through the panels. She is a great mom delivering twin bucks this spring, dad is Bilbo, both SOLD


Bilbo Baggins - Pygmy/Myotonic Buck - SOLD

Sporting the peacock coat pattern. Bilbo is an excellent breeding buck sure to get the job done. He is quick to come check you out and will take a nibble out of your hand.