Harvest Moon Miniatures is a small farm located just minutes from Marquette Manitoba. Along with miniature goats we have llamas, miniature horsesand a variety of chickens.

Our Goat Story

How it all started...

Our first goat was a pygmy doe named Nanny. She took trips with the family and even visited a care home bringing smiles to all who met her. Only a few months after we had her we realized she was bred. We were lucky enough to be present when she gave birth and the experienced sparked our interest in breeding. We travelled all over Manitoba to collect pygmy does to start our herd. When it came to finding bucks we purchased a pygmy/myotonic buck from a  local breeder and a registered miniature silky myotonic buck to ensure fresh bloodlines. Like the pygmy, the miniature myotonic have a small stature and we like the fact they are known for gentle temperaments and parasite resistance. We also were attracted to the fainting gene. Our registered buck often faints when excited or surprised. It has been a few years now and we are excited about our progress with our little myotonic/pygmy cross herd, having little fainters pop up here and there.

The Fainting Gene

I have done a lot of searching online trying to determine if the fainting gene is a dominant or recessive gene and have found claims of both. The fainters we have produced would support that the gene is recessive as neither of their parents fainted or stiffened but their grandparents did. We will continue to add the fainting gene into our breeding program but, as we are not at the point that we are breeding fainters to fainters, we do not guarantee that our kids will stiffen or faint. As much as we want to produce fainters, type, temperament and colour are also a part of our breeding goals so there's a lot to take into consideration and our herd is at most a dozen!

Miniature Goats as Pets

We spend a lot of time with our kids right from the day they are born so they are used to interacting with people. We feel this makes for more interactive pet. Miniature goats are adorable and have a ton of character. If you are interested in a pet goat please take the time to do some research to make sure you can provide for their needs before making an impulsive pet purchase. We reserve the right to cancel a sale at anytime if we feel the fit is not right.

An excellent resource of goat information - Fias Co Farm

Besides the daily care there are many things we enjoy with this hobby. Fencing, building projects, learning about health care, and milking. We have made several batches of soap and are hoping to start cheese making soon. Armed with many books, online resources, advice from seasoned breeders and our local vet we continue on our goattie adventure!

Miniature Goats for Sale

Check out Our Goatz page for what's available.